I Couldn’t Sleep, So I Made Soup

It’s really good soup, too, almost worth the insomnia. It’s a pretty basic “cream of” chicken and mushroom. I was going to call it a vichyssoise, but that sounded pretentious and I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate. Here’s what I did: Rough chop about 1/4 yellow onion, 2 stalks celery, and some carrot. Feel free […]

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Myspace Just Made Me Cry

I wonder just how many dead people still have a social-media presence. I wonder how many relapsed-addicts’ static-platitudes of sobriety are still scrawled as status. I wonder if, as friends, there was some way I could’ve changed the end. Myspace means nothing to no one now. I wonder why it can make me cry? — for […]

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I am a singer, song-writer, poet, performer and house-husband currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I grew up on a chicken farm in Central Mississippi. As could be expected given this upbringing, I have a great deal of hatred for chickens. When I was seven, I killed one with a softball bat over a matter of honor.

I do admit to finding them quite tasty.

I am a sub-compact-driving liberal who subsists on a diet of NPR news and sushi. I work in bars and restaurants.  I have no middle name. My favorite color is black. My favorite band is the Beatles. This all sounds terribly boring, even as I type it.

I’ve not been updating this blog as much lately, (5-9-13), but intend to make an effort to start again. There will continue to be some recipes and maybe more poetry; to be honest I’ve had quite the block as regards the latter, lately. You all will be first to know if that changes, I suppose.