I love you — My shows went well
It’s very late and I’m tired as hell
If you’re asking I’m telling: I’m less than swell
Since last weekend I’m an empty shell
I’m selling a lie that’s been hard to sell
This round’s almost over; I’m ringing the bell

LA’s far away, I’m sorry to say
Tomorrow is not — It’s actually today
My stomach is empty, my heart much the same
I miss my dear lady who shares my last name
I bought some new music; I played a new game
Been faking at following fortune and fame

I’m singing, I’m winging it most of the time
I’m writing what some would call obvious rhyme
I’m telling myself that I’m doing just fine
I’m drinking a little too much of the wine
I’m doing my best to disguise how I pine
And force a good face come rain or come shine

I’m missing you more than my writing conveys
I’m counting the hours and counting the days
I’m realizing how much I’ll need you always
I’m telling myself though you’ve gone you will stay
I know that you’re having it rough the same way
I guess I’ve said all that I wanted to say

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