You Don’t Know What You Want (and Good Luck Finding It)

You only know what you don’t stand for
You don’t know what you stand for
You only know that what we had
Isn’t what you had in mind

You only know that something didn’t fit
And good luck, I guess, in finding it
You didn’t see what we had
My friend, I’m afraid that you were blind

You left me
Because I used
Too Many
Big Words

You left me
Because you had no clue
What to do
When I Puzzled You

You left me because
Bless Your Heart
You don’t know
No better

I’m very bitter
Of what we’ve lost
And what it cost

You don’t know what you want
But you know you don’t want me
I couldn’t boil down the sentiment
Any more painfully or succinctly

I know that you don’t wanna hear
My words or ideas any more
Six months spent in a fucking basement
What did I spend that for?

Only to be shown
the fucking door…

We were rich men together, my friends,
But Alone, I am not poor…

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